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HUMANS are remixing Chela‘s “Guts” Take a listen exclusively on Exclaim!
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Up-coming shows
05/17 Victoria, BC – Ship Point (Inner Harbour)
05/18 Vancouver, BC – Celebrities
08/01 Merrit, BC – Bass Coast

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HUMANS - Recording
At studio all week. Knobs, buttons, keys and knobs.

Great new vid by one of our side projects GANG SIGNS

Check them out at the Astoria this Friday!

Halloween is a very special time in HUMANS’ heart as we both like to cause a ruckus. Join us in some mayhem tomorrow at the Astoria!

Also, since Halloween is on like, wednesday.. when are you going to do your partying? This weekend or next?





Robbie here.

I’m going to forgo the slacker-blogger-disclaimer/apology about not posting enough.

How are you? Are you back in school? plugging away at your job? looking for work? Fall seems like a real oh-dear-lord-i-better-get-my-life-sorted-out time for the creatives out there. So thats what Im doing.

Peter and I are very excited about the new album! — we’re taking time off from playing shows in Vancouver to make sure we deliver a solid release. We have the resources to do this one properly — and for me thats when a lot of bands lose the magic via overproduction — so we’re taking our time to make sure we put out the album we want. We have some of our favorite musicians sitting in to play instruments! Tony Dallas (pictured on the drums) and Parker Bosley is stepping in to play bass on some tracks. Its hard to know what to put on there. we have a ton of material so we’re thinking about putting out a sloppy B side release in the summer for fun.

Taking a break from shows feels very strange though! We are, however, doing some odds and ends outside of the city which is super exciting — We’re travelling down to Colombia for the middle of November with some of our best friends for a group shows / art show in Bogota. I’ll make sure one of us posts the aftermath on here. We’ll also be in Toronto in December for a secret show but we can probably sneak some people in you’re keen. email us! First week of December.

Other than that we’ve both being staying fit and healthy, staying away from booze and partying and being healthy humans. You should do the same!!

(festival season is 8 months away)




 PS here are some tunes I mixed together for my girlfriends clothing label — —

have a listen and please let me know if you have any questions

Tom D at the controls of his breathtaking studio in east van and Tony D smashing the drums shortly after being released from the hospital

Tom D at the controls of his breathtaking studio in east van and Tony D smashing the drums shortly after being released from the hospital